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  1. Cashing out & Profiting in Commercial Real Estate: A Case Study

    cashing out in commercial real estate

    By: Justin Laub What is better than getting your money back on a successful real estate deal? Well, getting a profit on your money is a start. How about doubling your money on that investment? That’s definitely a good day by most standards. What’s even

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  2. Getting Creative: HUD 221 (D) (4)

    By: Andrew Hanzl Take notice! The landscape is shifting: In anticipation of a market slow-down, commercial real estate lenders are dialing back their leverage and exercising greater caution with lending practices. However, this isn’t necessarily a cause for concern – your deal can still get

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  3. A Bridge (Loan) to Everywhere

    bridge loan denver

    By Charley Babb Do you remember John McCain’s famous “Bridge to Nowhere” speech from 2005? As the Arizona Senator, and then later as the Republican Presidential nominee (2008), McCain denounced a transportation bill with earmarks that included federal funds for an $80 million bridge to

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  4. Limited Service Hotels are, well…limited!

    limited service hotels

    By Todd McNeill In recent times, the Limited Service Hotel sector’s reputation has steadily declined in the eyes of the finance industry. Once the darling of the hotel sector for lenders, limited service hotels are, for the time being, a less desirable class of assets.

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  5. TrumpCare and the Effect on Healthcare Commercial Real Estate Market


    By Kevan McCormack Since Donald Trump has taken office as President of the United States, he has been very busy “making good” on his campaign promises in one of the most active “100 Days” in history and 46 million American who are 65 and older

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  6. What is the TRUMP Effect on Commercial Real Estate? 4 Key Points

    trump effect on CRE

    — By Sunny Sajnani There is no doubt that Donald J. Trump in the White House is a game changer for the real estate industry. What will the newly inaugurated President (i.e Landlord-in-Chief) and his policy platform do to for the real estate markets (specifically

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