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  1. A Look into the Future

    By Andrew Hanz   In an industry where a project typically takes years and often millions of dollars to complete there is little room for error. That means embracing all tools available to maximize the probability the project will be well received. Historically, developers have

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  2. Capital Markets Upheaval Creates Opportunity

    By Charley Babb The recent volatility in the stock and bond markets has many investors on the edge of their seats. This is understandable as all of the gains that took the various US equity indices to record highs earlier this year have been erased,

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  3. Inverted Yield Curve, does it mean a recession for real estate too???

    By Todd McNeill Last year my colleague Charley Babb wrote about Inverted yield curve and its historical significance in predicting recessions.  To refresh, what is an Inverted Yield Curve? An inverted yield curve is an interest rate environment in which long-term debt instruments have a

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  4. Despite “Retail Apocalypse” Hype…Retail Continues to Rock

    commercial retail real estate

    By Scott Lynn By any definition, there has been a pivotal shift in attitude toward commercial retail real estate over the past few years. Has it become more difficult to obtain debt and/or equity for retail properties? Absolutely. Are retail deals being underwritten to a

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  5. Five Key Takeaways from 2018 RECon Conference

    Recently, the Metropolitan Capital team descended onto Vegas to attend the annual RECon Conference held by the International Council of Shopping Center’s (ICSC) as we do every year.   This year was interesting to watch as the “perception” of the “Amazon effect” was in full swing. 

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  6. Avoiding the Amazon Cyclone in Retail Real Estate

    reatil real estate

    By: Andrew Hanzl There is no doubt the retail landscape is changing; just last week Toys ‘R’ Us announced they will be closing all 735 stores, joining the long list of other well-known retailers either drastically reducing their presence in the market or disappearing altogether.

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