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  1. Avoiding the Amazon Cyclone in Retail Real Estate

    reatil real estate

    By: Andrew Hanzl There is no doubt the retail landscape is changing; just last week Toys ‘R’ Us announced they will be closing all 735 stores, joining the long list of other well-known retailers either drastically reducing their presence in the market or disappearing altogether.

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  2. The New CRE World Post-Tax Overhaul

    CRE and Tax Reform

    by Todd McNeill It appears the overhaul of the tax code signed into law on Dec. 22, 2017, represents a big win for commercial real estate.  Some sectors will benefit more than others.   Let’s take a look at some of the asset classes within commercial

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  3. The Amazon/Whole Foods Effect on Retail Commercial Real Estate

    retail commercial real estate

    by Ralph Rader What does Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods have to do with your Retail Center? The ripple from Amazon’s $13.7 billion acquisition of Whole Foods’ 440 food centers and 11 regional distribution centers has affected retail centers around the country. Of course, the

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  4. Retail Apocalypse? Not so fast…

    retail apocalypse

    By Brandon Wilhite As consumer buying patterns continue to shift increasingly towards e-commerce and away from traditional brick-and-mortar retail stores; retailers, property owners, and investors must continue to evolve and adapt. And while draconian and sensationalistic terms such as “Retail Apocalypse” are often mentioned, the

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  5. Fake News About the Retail Sky Falling?

    retail industry

    By Charley Babb In the past seven months, there have been several references to “fake news”. Originally referring to politics, this phenomenon may have crept into the reporting on the state of the retail industry in the United States. While the mainstream media has been

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  6. The Nuances of Underwriting Retail Real Estate

    By Brandon Wilhite Every commercial property type has its own unique set of underwriting and investment criteria. While some of those criteria are common to most asset types, such as market rental rates, market occupancy rates, lease duration, and tenant credit strength, there are many

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