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  1. Lower My Rate – HUD 223(a)(7)

    Lower My Rate – HUD 223(a)(7) By Andrew Hanzl   Have you acquired or built a multi-family or healthcare property utilizing a HUD-Insured loan? If yes you might want to consider refinancing through the HUD 223(a)(7) program in order to increase your properties cash flow.

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  2. What The Future May Hold For Healthcare Facilities

    What The Future May Hold For Healthcare Facilities By Kevan McCormack & Trinity Ojo Healthcare has endured tremendous change over the last several years forcing developers and healthcare providers to think more creatively. Healthcare providers have long struggled with the ideal of providing healthcare delivery

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  3. Healthcare Real Estate Finance in a Distressed Financial Market

    by Kevan McCormack, Senior Director The commercial real estate banking community is truly in its worst condition in several generations.  So what is the most favored product type getting done in today’s commercial real estate finance environment?  Healthcare. The healthcare real estate market has emerged

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