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  1. Would You Like Free Money? Developers & The Restoration of Historic U.S. Buildings

    historic US buildings

    By: Justin Laub I know, that’s a stupid question- of course, you would! And what if I told you that I actually wanted to give you $10 million dollars? You’re probably already sending me your bank account information and a thank you note! What if

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  2. Developer’s Secret Weapon…MUD (Municipal Utility Districts)

    Municipal Utility Districts

    By Duke Dennis There has been a lot of buzz lately in commercial real estate about “Public / Private Partnerships” (PPP). Well, Municipal Utility Districts (MUDs) are the best example of PPP and have been around for years! Although MUDs are not well known public

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  3. Another Fed Rate Hike – Where are Commercial Property Values Headed?

    Fed Rate Hike

    By Brandon Wilhite As widely expected by the market, on the 14th of June, the Federal Reserve increased the benchmark Federal Funds Rate by 25 basis points – the 3rd such rate hike since December 2016 and the 4th since the Fed enacted the Zero

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  4. Rates are Rising, But What Does That Mean for Real Estate?

    federal interest rates real estate

    By Todd McNeill In 2015 and again December 2016, the Federal Reserve began to increase interest rates for the first time since 2006. There has recently been debate about what this will mean for the U.S. economy both as a whole, but specifically for those

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  5. The Power of RECA (Real Estate Capital Alliance)

    commercial real estate finance reca

    By: Scott Lynn and Andrew Hanzl Metropolitan Capital Advisors (“MCA”) is a member of the Real Estate Capital Alliance (“RECA”), a professional association of 18 independently owned commercial real estate finance intermediary firms. The firms are comprised of more than 70 producers located across the

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  6. Getting Creative: HUD 221 (D) (4)

    By: Andrew Hanzl Take notice! The landscape is shifting: In anticipation of a market slow-down, commercial real estate lenders are dialing back their leverage and exercising greater caution with lending practices. However, this isn’t necessarily a cause for concern – your deal can still get

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