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  1. Creative Offices: ‘Outside the Box’ Thinking, Inside the Office

    creative office building

    by Ralph Rader An emerging trend in office space design is making its presence felt around the country – and right here at Metropolitan Capital Advisors too! Many companies are focused on recruiting millennials, so many investors and developers are converting properties into creative office

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  2. Another Fed Rate Hike – Where are Commercial Property Values Headed?

    Fed Rate Hike

    By Brandon Wilhite As widely expected by the market, on the 14th of June, the Federal Reserve increased the benchmark Federal Funds Rate by 25 basis points – the 3rd such rate hike since December 2016 and the 4th since the Fed enacted the Zero

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  3. Fake News About the Retail Sky Falling?

    retail industry

    By Charley Babb In the past seven months, there have been several references to “fake news”. Originally referring to politics, this phenomenon may have crept into the reporting on the state of the retail industry in the United States. While the mainstream media has been

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  4. An Emerging Asset Class in Commercial Real Estate Brokers Need to Know

    asset class in commercial real estate data center

    By: Andrew Hanzl When listing out classes on commercial real estate properties, most everyone would think of the usual suspects: office, multi-family, retail, and industrial properties.  Some might even think hotels, self-storage, and senior living facilities – but how many people would think of data

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  5. Financing Condominium Developments without Pre-Sales

    By: Justin Laub Welcome to another addition of what we term “Difficult-But-Doable” Commercial Real Estate Loans! Now, lay readers may already be heading for the exits after reading that line – but for the commercial real estate professionals who decided to stay: sit back, get

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  6. Another Brick in the CMBS Issuance Maturity Wall

    cmbs issuance

    By Kevan McCormack In the three years between 2005-2007, the U.S. originated almost $600 billion (71% of the global total) of new CMBS issuance ($845 billion globally), making this most active 3-year period in CMBS history.  In 2007 alone, the U.S. originated $228.5 billion of

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