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  1. More Money Less Problems! A Look at Mezzanine Debt & Preferred Equity

    mezzanine debt

    By Andrew Hanzl Since the beginning of Metropolitan Capital Advisors some 26 years ago and even dating back further to the creation of the modern mortgage 500 years ago, clients and borrowers have been asking the age-old question, “How can I borrow more money?” The

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  2. Loosening Banking Regulations and the Potential Impact on CRE

    Loosening Banking Regulation

    By Kevan McCormack When President Donald Trump was elected in November 2016, he made many campaign promises that he has been delivering on at a dramatic pace, including the renegotiation of NAFTA signed just today. President Trump’s first move to make good on his banking

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  3. Opportunity Zones, What Are They and How Did They Get Here?

    opportunity zones

    Sean Parker, the inventor of Napster and the first Facebook President surprisingly is the architect of the Opportunity Zone tax incentive program.  His passion bore it to aggregate capital into funds and force those funds to invest in distressed areas.  His focus was centered around

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  4. Help Me, Help YOU! By Hiring an Exclusive Finance Intermediary

    commercial real estate finance intermediary

    By Duke Dennis When you need to design a building, you hire an architect for your design.  When you need legal representation, you hire a lawyer to argue your case.  When you NEED capital for a real estate project, you hire Metropolitan Capital Advisors (MCA). 

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  5. Cap Rates Not Responding to Interest Rate Increases

    cap rates

    On June 13th, the Federal Reserve pulled the trigger on another 25-basis point rate hike to 1.75% from 1.50% for the Fed Funds Rate. The result is higher short-term interest rates on most commercial loans. This was widely expected and is part of the Federal

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  6. It Pays to Do Your Homework in Commercial Real Estate…Here’s Why

    commercial real estate research

    By Andrew Hanzl When was the last time you checked your city’s economic development website? If it has been a while or you have never seen what the city has to offer, you are missing out. Incentive packages might be available to help substantially reduce

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