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  1. Developer’s Secret Weapon…MUD (Municipal Utility Districts)

    Municipal Utility Districts

    By Duke Dennis There has been a lot of buzz lately in commercial real estate about “Public / Private Partnerships” (PPP). Well, Municipal Utility Districts (MUDs) are the best example of PPP and have been around for years! Although MUDs are not well known public

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  2. Another Brick in the CMBS Issuance Maturity Wall

    cmbs issuance

    By Kevan McCormack In the three years between 2005-2007, the U.S. originated almost $600 billion (71% of the global total) of new CMBS issuance ($845 billion globally), making this most active 3-year period in CMBS history.  In 2007 alone, the U.S. originated $228.5 billion of

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  3. 2017: Not a Forecast (Just Some Thoughts to Ponder) for the CRE Market

    2017 commercial real estate thoughts

    By Brandon Wilhite Accurately forecasting the commercial real estate market’s performance is a nearly impossible task. There are far too many variables to assess and account for, but that doesn’t mean the effort isn’t a worthwhile endeavor. Taking a step back to examine how we

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  4. Risk Retention in CMBS Starting to “Sink” in


    By Todd McNeill The early signals of Risk Retention are reverberating through the commercial real estate capital markets.  Several conduit shops, including MC Five Mile BNY Mellon, Redwood have exited the CMBS market. Other prominent shops include Freedom Commercial Real Estate, GE Capital, KGS-Alpha Real

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  5. Hotels: What Inning Are We In?

    what inning is it in CMBS CRE

    By: Justin Laub I recently returned from the Urban Land Institute’s national conference on hotels and resorts. The last time ULI held this event was in 2008. Amongst the attendees, there were conflicting opinions as to whether the hotel industry had a few good years

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  6. Choppy CMBS Market Hoping For Resurgence

    cmbs markets

    By Charley Babb CMBS issuance for the first quarter of 2016 was roughly half of the production for the same period in 2015. This has been counter-intuitive for most of us in the commercial real estate lending community as reasonably positive US economic performance combined

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