1. The Future of Bridge Lending

    By Todd McNeill Rarely do we write these informative blogs to make predictions, but with the recent Fed rate hike, we have been asked by many clients what the future of bridge lending will be. By way of background, nearly all bridge lenders quote a

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  2. Real Estate Capital Alliance (RECA) Collaboration Makes Your Project a Reality

    Real Estate Capital Alliance

    by Ralph Rader Metropolitan Capital Advisors (“MCA”) is a member of the Real Estate Capital Alliance (“RECA”), a professional association of 19 independently owned commercial real estate financial intermediary firms. The firms are comprised of more than 70 producers located across the U.S. RECA allows

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  3. U.S Economic Challenges & The Impact on Commercial Real Estate

    U.S. Economic Challenges

    By Kevan McCormack The economy continues to boom despite being in our ninth year of recovery following the Great Recession of 2008. Unemployment is down (~4%), Income Taxes are down, and GDP growth is up (2.3%), but so are interest rates. Last week, the FOMC

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  4. Avoiding the Amazon Cyclone in Retail Real Estate

    reatil real estate

    By: Andrew Hanzl There is no doubt the retail landscape is changing; just last week Toys ‘R’ Us announced they will be closing all 735 stores, joining the long list of other well-known retailers either drastically reducing their presence in the market or disappearing altogether.

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  5. 2018 CMBS Forecast: Kicked Off with a Lot More Confidence but Expect a Decline in Volume

    cmbs forecast

    —By Sunny Sajnani, Principal / Director In 2016, everyone was living in fear of the new “risk retention rules” and what they were going to do to the CMBS market. People were uncertain how the new CMBS playbook would affect investors, which resulted in slower

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  6. Construction Financing Challenging – Even in Thriving Economy

    construction financing

    By Brandon Wilhite By virtually any measurable standard, the US economy is healthy and growing at a reasonably healthy clip, including annual GDP growth of about 2.5% in 2017. Most economic indicators, including guidance given by the Federal Reserve of three additional rate hikes this

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