by Scott Lynn

Two years ago, our firm took the plunge into unchartered territory…the world of Social Media. We started writing Blogs about the Commercial Real Estate Capital Markets along with recounting some of our experiences in the transaction business as the world began to recover from the Great Recession.

Social Media For Commercial Real EstateSo, what has resulted from our foray into getting the word out about Metropolitan Capital Advisors via Social Media?  I asked our “Social Media Manager” to summarize our efforts, and here is what he shared:

Wow!!! That is a bunch of blogging, posting, linking, tracking, visiting, profiling, searching, optimizing and, of course, commenting. Writing about what you do every day during interesting (and unprecedented) economic times really does come easy.  Our intent was to provide good content while offering practical advice when dealing with an array of issues that affect the CRE capital markets.

The effort has more than paid off with the best validation being the positive feedback that we have received from our posts.  Our firm would never have been able to attract this volume of followers using conventional marketing channels such as print advertising or even direct mail (and emails).  Conveying useful information to our Clients, capital sources, and various other working colleagues is what social media is all about.  A properly-managed social media effort can have a far greater impact on creating brand awareness with exponential potential.

So, where does social media fit into the picture in the day-to-day operations of a commercial real estate finance shop?  Has the effort translated to closed business? After all, two years in the social media world is equivalent to forever.  The answer is that the efforts have connected us with both users and providers of capital. This has expanded our ability to deliver improved services and better products.  Moreover, the effort has linked our firm with progressive, entrepreneurial-minded colleagues who are the thought leaders in today’s commercial real estate finance industry.  These connections are priceless.

Promotional activity hardly ever translates into specific identifiable pieces of business.  Rather, the whole notion of creating brand awareness is a collage of consistent efforts across a broad spectrum of available resources.  Social media has helped to accelerate our brand awareness and will continue to be a focus of our efforts at MCA.  One thing is for sure, the road to a successful social media platform remains uncharted territory that allows for maximum creativity, a skill set we are well-versed in at Metropolitan Capital Advisors.  If you haven’t already, be sure to join LinkedIn and the MCA Real Estate Finance Intermediary Group.