The April 20-26, 2012 edition of the Dallas Business Journal recently featured Metropolitan Capital Advisors, a leading commercial real estate finance intermediary, focusing on how the company has thrived, even during the recent downturn in the real estate market.  The article, written by Amber Jones, explains how the company, started by Scott Lynn, continues to grow while other real estate finance companies continue to struggle.

Lynn’s Dream

Metropolitan Capital Advisors, celebrating 20 years as a commercial real estate finance intermediary, was the dream of Scott Lynn in 1992.  Scott and his wife were visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York when he told her he wanted to open his own real estate finance firm.  As a newly married couple who had no children, they felt it was the perfect opportunity for Scott to build a brand.

commercial-real-estate-financeCompany Philosophy

Scott says the company’s success spawns from a three-part philosophy: putting customers first, providing services superior to competitors and being the best at commercial real estate finance.  Furthermore, Scott believes that how a company behaves in bad times has more of an effect on success than what the company does during good times. Scott and his staff proved that yet again during the recent recession, as Metropolitan Capital Advisors doubled its business simply by adhering to the three-part philosophy.  During the recession, the company focused on distressed and undercapitalized transactions, a move that enabled MCA to keep all employees while competitors experienced significant layoffs or were forced to join larger companies through mergers and acquisitions.

Experience and Training

Scott also says the success of MCA is directly related to the experience level and training provided to employees.  All current executives underwent a two- to three-year training program.  This training included time spent at a second desk in Scott’s office where they saw firsthand how commercial real estate finance transactions are underwritten, marketed and closed.All  new team members spend at least two years training directly with Scott.

In-House Closing

Another benefit MCA offers its clients is an in-house closing department in its Dallas office, a resource that saves clients money and time getting deals closed.  Having an in-house closing department enables Metropolitan Capital Advisors to take on complicated transactions that other commercial real estate finance companies turn down.

Scott is quick to point out that the company’s responsibility is to the client, and not to the capital sources.  In addition, advisors are taught to be cautious and learn very quickly that saying “no” often works in the company’s favor.  With a closure rate of close to 90 percent, it is easy to see why the Dallas Business Journal highlighted Metropolitan Capital Advisors as “Ideas in Action.”

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